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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Unit 2 be available?

We don’t know for sure; Unit 2 construction will begin when Unit 1 is at least 75% sold.

When will the pool and clubhouse be complete?

The pool and clubhouse are part of Unit 1, with estimated completion in Summer 2024.


Do I have to use one of your preferred builders?

No, any licensed home builder may be approved by the committee.


Is there a community water well or septic system?

No, each homeowner is responsible for their own systems. These are build costs and part of the upfront construction. In most cases, it will add less than $5/SF to the build.


What are the Homeowners Association Dues?

$960 per year ($80/mo)..


Is garbage pickup available?

The HOA will enter into an agreement with a private company for weekly trash pickup. Each house will be billed for its actual expense.

Am I allowed to build a shop?

Yes, if it is built within the covenants. Generally, it must be smaller than the home with a consistent exterior.

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